Bilkent University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, founded in 1987, hosted the 30th anniversary events of the department in October 2017. Highly valuable names from sector come to the anniversary, which was realized with the contributions of the academic members, mainly Tijen Sonkan Türkkan, participated as speakers for the three-day program. We have interviewed these names for you.

What are the benefits of working with many different countries?

There are several benefits, like development, innovation and discover new opportunity. It allows you to open the mind to have a broader vision not closely tied to your own territory. It also enables you to understand the value of our Made in Italy product, thus ensuring that we maintain our sensitivity/attention to the quality and craftsmanship.

Why did you proceed on kitchen design? What are the things that interest you in this matter?

The passion for kitchens is distinctive Cesar since it was born. At the beginning it was a workshop and in 1969, it was transformed into a modern furniture factory called Cesar Arredamenti, one of the first Italian companies to produce American-style kitchens, i.e. modular, versatile and dynamic, fitted kitchens. Exceptional care in the choice of materials, personalisation of the product through “tailored” works and great attention to customer service are the fundamental values of a company that has developed a dynamic, modern and efficient design culture, aimed at offering functional and emotional kitchen proposals with clean and essential lines.

Do you think that the materials and techniques we use today will continue in the future?

The materials and techniques that are currently used I think that in the future there will be. However, many materials and techniques will undergo changes from tecnological innovation and environmental sustainability.

Do you have suggestions for my friends who are currently students?

Dear students , the working world is changing very fast.
Thanks to internet and social networking sites, people today are more connected to one another than even before in human history and that allows you to have more opportunities, you have to have the courage to take that chance.
Everyone has a dream… Follow it! Stay focus on that and put your heart in it.