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I have never been in Morocco, yet I love that place. It is a different kind of love, something like falling in love with somebody far away that you meet online, well this kind of describes my Morocco addiction. When talking about Morocco I bet that the first thing it comes to your mind is Casablanca, same for me too, but there is far more than just Casablanca.

Morocco is in the North African continent bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is very close to Spain that on the map looks like they are connected, but in fact no, the Gibraltar(U.K.) channel is what separates them geographically not culturally. Its capital is Rabat (no it is not Casablanca, surprised?) Well I can keep writing about this thing all day, but this is not why I love Morocco. It is their culture, their spirit, their colors, their history and of course their architecture.

What I like about their architecture is the mixture it has with western architecture; the Arabic architecture is combined with features from French and Spanish architecture creating the very Moroccan spirit. I will try to speak more with pictures than with words, after all a picture is worth a thousand words.

But after seeing all these pictures, I hope to have changed your mind and to have turned on a light that makes you want to travel more, experience more and of course learn more.

Chefchaouen, the blue city. Don’t you feel like you are walking underwater in a Spanish alley with all those windows, flowers, the sunlight and I bet that se smell that comes from the housewife’s cooking is amazing, well I can just imagine, I wonder how would it be for real.