Question 1: What is the most disappointing experience as a student?

In the second project of Basic Design 2, we were designing a skyscraper – true story! I had come up with a very successful conceptual model during thet process, but the night before the submission, I guess I had lost my consciousness somehow, and submitted only a rectangular prism with a tiny plane to define the entrance. In the jury, our instructor said “Segah, come here”, and I went towards her. She pointed my model and said: “bak, olmamış”. That was the point where my conscious restarted and my jury ended. Seriously, “olmamış”tı!

Question 2: As an academician, do you get the chance to sleep? (Does anything change?)

As you become an academician through time, you lose your ability to cope with sleeplessness, thus you sleep. However, way more restless than before. So yes, things certainly change!

Question 3: What does design mean to you and currently, how do you perceive the world of design?

For me, design is a tool to interpret the details of the world in a creative way. In line, design world, in any time and space, is so mind opening that it makes you smile somehow – the smile might be of joy, of enlightment, or of sarcasm.

Question 4: If you had the chance, what would you change in your student life?

Believe it or not, I would sleep even less both to go out more and to read (not work) more.