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18 May 2022

Yazar: Abouj Abu Saadeh


Gems within Our City, Ankara 

Gems within Our City, Ankara Ankara is a home to important historical and cultural sites that shed light on Turkey’s rich past. This time I want to visit the spotlight on two historical places that I have visited and my thoughts and memory. Hamamonu and…


One Last Trip! 

Allow me to take you to Al Fahidi District (P.S: you won’t regret it). After a hectic year and a well-deserved summer break, we are finally back with our monthly articles where we get to share our monthly interests and finds with you! My “back…


Two Spoons of Hard Work and One of Imagination 

Interview with Vis. Assoc. Prof. Mark Paul Frederickson, Department of Architecture. http://www.arch.bilkent.edu.tr/tr/faculty.html We met Prof. Mark Paul Frederickson to talk about the design process and sources for inspiration. We discussed their relationships with us as students and with the design field in general. The interview…


Blooming Buildings 

Producing to survive After a long winter here in Ankara, the warm spring sun has finally decided to pay us a visit! In light of this, architects who have been inspired by nature, particularly flowers, shall be brought to stage this month to celebrate the…


Cacti to the Rescue! 

Resources that we count on The term “Global Warming” has been resonating in our ears for a while now and it manages to catch our attention while the topic is at hand. However once the lecture is over or the video ends, we tend to…


A Time Machine in Istanbul 

A mixture of eras and feelings within a single place! As a foreigner living and studying in Turkey, I have been living in the city for over a year now. My admiration for Turkey’s unique style emerged during several family holidays to Istanbul where my…